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Why Us

Warning: Only the symmetry scores 5 means the stone is perfectly symmetric in our website.

For customer, designer or seller:
Flawless, more brilliant, more beautiful
An obvious proof of best quality for gemstone and jewelry
Individual piece of gem art makes the finished jewelry unique
One-of-a-kind design.
will sell faster in your shop, and with higher profits for you
custom cut loose gemstones for the gem collectors

For gemstone expert:
Calibrated or max-weight standard cut and fancy cut
Cut according to specified CAD design.
Perfect symmetry.
Exact meet points.
Critical angle for the gem material with most brilliance.
The girdle is faceted and polished.
No window effect, No Light escaping.
No other flaws typical in commercially cut stones.
No Minimum Order Quantity, 1 piece is OK because of hand cut.
Fast delivery, 1 or 2 days if everything goes well because it’s cut in our own factory.

Precision Cutting
Precision Gems are each hand cut with the utmost care in accurate facets meets and super high polish

Unique Designs
Unique design creates a much more interesting finished stone. Both traditional flat facet designs and concave fantasy designs are used